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March Badness, Round Two: Stephen Garcia vs Matt Jones

Who wins the interception region?

East Carolina v South Carolina

The GameCock of the Walk had a tough challenge from Wayne Madkin in round one — but it just wouldn’t be like him to make it look easy, would it? But the 4Runner Desperado leaped over Tate Forcier like so many SEC linebackers to set up our first true heavyweight showdown in our quest to name college football’s best bad quarterback.

Stephen Garcia

Ain’t care about no Razorbacks man? Shavin’ is for cops!

Note the score at the time of this highlight. Arkansas would go on to win this one 41-20. Garcia would throw two interceptions and complete 14-of-29 passes on the night.

Matt Jones

We’ll take this opportunity to remind you of one of Jones’ highlight moments, The Ambush in Austin, as Houston Nutt’s unranked Hogs rolled in to Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium and upset a sixth-ranked Texas Longhorns squad that featured the likes of Roy Williams, Cedric Benson, David Thomas, Derrick Johnson, Rod Wright and Michael Huff, by a final score of 38-28.

It was the classic Houston Nutt upset, using a pounding running game and time of possession while an overconfident favorite frantically shoots themselves in the foot trying to rally, but it also featured a classic Jones statline: 8-of-16 for 139 yards, plus another 102 on the ground, with a couple of sense-defying plays including a 60-yard run and an awful fumble that Texas ran back for a touchdown.