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And the Valley Drinks: Gnarly Barley’s Peanut Butter Korova Porter

Dessert Beer.

Since we’re on the eve of one of my favorite Baton Rouge events — the Zapp’s International Beer Festival over at the LSU Rural Life Museum — I decided to get my hands on another local specialty brew, this time the Peanut Butter variety of Gnarly Barley’s Korova Porter.

The Hammond brewery has just hit the area in cans, but you can find this specialty in bombers in a select few spots. It’s a bit filling, but can make for a very nice after-dinner drink, especially when the weather’s been a bit cold and wet like the last few days.


Bouquet is such a huge part of these beers, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Sweet, with a nice roasted peanut flavor. On the opening, you taste the roasted malts at first, as you’d expect with this style of beer. But then things shift hard to the peanut butter with almost salty tint that kind of brings the whole thing to life. Very smooth and flavorful, especially if you’re a chocolate/peanut butter guy like me. The close hits you with some notes of coffee and a hint of bitter, again, as you’d expect with a darker beer. Strong four out of five stars. If you’re a fan of the style I recommend a pickup.