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GAMETHREAD: Men’s Basketball vs. Mississippi State, 6pm, SEC Network

LSU begins the SEC Tournament among rumors that it’ll be Johnny’s last

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

LSU’s first losing season under Head Coach Johnny Jones will come to an end soon. Maybe in two hours, maybe in a couple days, the pain will finally be over. For a moment.

You’re probably well aware of Mr. SAUCES being hard at work yesterday with his reports that Johnny is toast after the tournament, and I’m actually a tiny bit surprised. On one hand, it should be obvious that a 10-20 (2-16) record would lead to a firing, but it’s a small surprise knowing that Alleva & Friends actually care enough to break out the checkbook for basketball. That being said, seeing Alleva’s distraught face on TV during every blowout in that losing streak should’ve been indication enough that change is to come.

As far as tonight’s matchup goes, the Tigers lost both contests against the Bulldogs this season, a 95-78 loss at home in January and an 88-76 loss in Starkville just last Saturday. I wouldn’t trust anyone who said they think LSU will win tonight, even under oath. Chances are the Tigers will lose in a frustratingly pitiful fashion, and we’ll be discussing who the next head coach will be by the weekend. I should get started on that article...

Tonight’s tip off is scheduled for 6pm on the SEC Network in case you don’t have the means to watch the baseball game against McNeese. Join the discussion in the comments below!