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And the Valley Drinks: Strawberry Throwdown

Which local brew should be at your next crawfish boil?

As always, we remain your FULL SERVICE LSU blog, and in the interest of that, I sacrificed to help settle an important beverage debate. We all know that this Friday is one of the top crawfish boil days of the year, and we all know that crawfish boils mean a lot of beer.

Abita Strawberry is the reigning king of the springtime beers in these parts, and a staple at a lot of crawfish boils. Parish’s Strawberry Canebrake is making a pretty strong play for the market — in quality, if not in terms of actual share.

So what beer will go better at your Good Friday Crawfish Boil? LET’S FIGURE IT OUT!

Taste Test

Abita Strawberry: slightly lighter color, much sweeter bouquet, soft on the palette with a nice roll of sweetness before a very neutral finish with a slight bite of hops.

Strawberry Canebrake: more decided beer flavor, with that wheat flavor on the front end and a little less sweetness on the back. Bit heavier in texture.


The Canebrake is a bit more of a beer-drinker’s beer, so to speak. Abita’s the lighter brew that you can probably handle a little more of, and we all know that between the heat and the food, that has some value on a crawfish boil, where sitting around and drinking more is kind of the point. So score this one for Abita.