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LSU Lands Big Trio From Georgia

The Booms are happening even before the Spring Game.

Missouri v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

For the second time in this 2018 class, Orgeron and the staff have landed a trio from a high school, and for the second time, all three are on defense. This time, however, it’s a group of out-of-state prospects. The Spring Game festivities had not even begun before the good news started flowing — Rome, Ga., prospects Adam Anderson, Jamarcus Chatman and Jaquon Griffin committed to the Tigers.

Anderson, the prize of this trio, flipped his commitment from Georgia, while Chatman, whom former Georgia coach Mark Richt was trying hard to get to Miami, and Griffin all received their offers on Friday and wasted little time in making it official.

Adam Anderson

I know it’s turned into a common comparison at this point due to his success, but if you’re looking for someone in the mold of Arden Key, look no further than Adam Anderson. For Rome, Anderson is always playing with his hand on the ground, but he will 100-percent sure be a rushing OLB under Aranda. While he mostly uses his athleticism to beat the lesser talent in high school, once Orgeron and Jenkins can teach him some pass-rushing moves and Aranda can get to him on the finer points, Anderson could be a menace for years to come.

Jamarcus Chatman

Chatman, listed at 6’3” 261 lbs., has an excellent burst off the snap, and combined with his strength, gets him in the backfield constantly. He’ll likely add on about 30 pounds and be a solid 3-4 end for Aranda. One thing I like as well, if he’s not just flat out bowling over his blocker, he does a great job at using his strength to put them in the best spot for him to make a play. He’s a violent player on the line with that burst/strength combo, but is knowledgeable to not run himself out of the play, something that can happen when you have those two tangibles.

Jaquon Griffin

Griffin is the hardest one to pinpoint in this trio. At 6’0” and 265 lbs., I don’t know if he necessarily has the frame for a 3-4 defense. He would have to add too much weight if he wanted to play nose tackle, and his height doesn’t really scream 3-4 end. It’s not really a knock on Griffin because his highlights are solid and does a lot of good things for a high school DT, where his size isn’t as much of a detriment. It’s unsure how much Canada will use a fullback on offense, but Griffin could go the route of J.C. Copeland and make that transition. That could be his best chance at getting on the field. There is also the chance that Griffin could hit one more growth spurt that can get him closer to the 3-4 defensive line size. Sometimes with these trio packages, there’s one you add on to help get the other two. The good thing is with a projection of a class of 30 for 2018, the staff can be able to use a spot if it means they get two solid players like Anderson and Chatman.

This was very unexpected news as they weren’t even on the Spring Game visitors list that went around, so it’s an excellent start to the weekend. One thing that I’m very interested in and hoping for, is that the staff reels in the American Heritage trio of Patrick Surtain Jr., Tyson Campbell and Andrew Chatfield. Three different trios in one year, all on the defensive side. That has to be a first for a recruiting class, not just at LSU but national.