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2017 NFL Draft Open Thread

2013 NFL Draft Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It’s that *wonderful* time of year again. Time for all those great college players we know and love to go up north to a nice farm where there’s lots of room to run around all day. Time to watch the Saints not draft any LSU players. Time to watch the Browns make an entertaining mistake. Time to be amazed at the continued employment of Chris Berman. Time to GET PAID SON.

What used to be a fun weekend affair has, like everything else about the NFL, become bloated and oversaturated. The draft is now 3 (4?) days long, with just the opening round tonight. What matters is that LSU has a real chance to set a new record for most draft picks in a single class, and that gets underway tonight at 7pm. You could watch on ESPN or the NFL Network. Or just read the results on twitter. Because it’s 2017 and the baseball game is on ESPN2.

Or how about a fancy website and live stream from our SBN Bros?