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Your March Badness Champion is...Jared Lorenzen

The Hefty Lefty reigns supreme as the best “good” bad quarterback.

Tennessee v Kentucky X Lorenzen

After three weeks, four rounds and hundreds of votes, Kentucky legend Jared Lorenzen has been crowned the champion of our March Badness bracket.

Dr. Bo may not like it, or his general inclusion in this bad boy...

but the Rebel Nation couldn’t overcome Big Blue...

and Lorenzen finished on top by a final tally of 907 votes to 512 for Dr. Bo.

That makes him the best bad quarterback of all time. Lorenzen had storied career for a lot of reasons at Kentucky. There was the nicknames...

  • J-Load
  • The Pillsbury Throwboy
  • Quarter(got)back
  • The Hefty Lefty
  • The Round Mound of Touchdown
  • The Abominable Throwman
  • BBQ (Big Beautiful Quarterback)
  • Battleship Lorenzen
  • Mobile, Agile, Hostile and Hungry
  • He Ate Me

The career numbers — 10,000-plus passing yards, more attempts than any other quarterback in SEC history and a combined 90 touchdowns...along with a career rating of 126 (lower than the likes of Jordan Jefferson, Joe Cox, Marcus Randall, Jake Locker, Tommy Rees...even Ron Powlus) and a record of 15-31 in four years as the Wildcats QB.

Still...he had his moments. Take for example, one of his more well-known ones. The Blue grass Miracle.

Sure, most just remember Lorenzen prematurely dousing his coach with Gatorade, but he threw four touchdown passes in this game (watch the video, three of them were absolute dimes, too) and led what...well...everybody thought was a game-winning drive in the final minute. Of course, a 12-of-26 for 210 yard statline is usually not something to brag on either...

But it’s games like this that make Jared Lorenzen the best bad quarterback of all time.