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ATVS Reviews: NIMA’s Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

A snazzy piece of tech that might help de-clutter your tailgate.

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Billy Gomila

Summer brings time to reassess your tailgate getup, and consolidation and de-cluttering are always smart moves.

I know for myself and my family, with parking spots and passes tough to come by, anything that helps reduce the amount of crap to haul is a good thing. Because the distance ain’t gettin’ shorter, for the most part.

A TV, at least for me, is always a necessity. A sound system can be nice as well, but speakers and a receiver can be unwieldy, plus that’s just more strain on your generator, right? Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more the rage, and the folks at NIMA are taking that up a notch with a line of speakers designed like football helmets.

They come in all 32 NFL teams and a handful of college football teams as well — with LSU included. Yours truly was lucky enough to get ahold of a small version (they come in small/medium/large sizes) to check out. For science. (**Ed. Note: Full disclosure, the speaker was a promotional material provided by NIMA**)

The helmet itself is really well-designed and detailed. I think the visor is a nice touch, and it brings some symmetry with the black speakers on the side. And the bluetooth pairing is really simple — I had no issues pairing my Samsung phone with it last weekend for a Mother’s Day party at my parents’ house (this could be a great Father’s Day gift idea at around $100 or so). The small speaker has more than enough juice for a typical-size tailgate, and the rechargeable battery will last for 10 hours. You can even use it to charge your phone (something I always need on a gameday).

“Stream live to the game, listen to Pandora, Spotify or to your favorite tunes. Cook up a storm before the game while drinking your beer and get ready with the LSU fight song,” said Nima Saati, founder and CEO of NIMA. “It would have been impossible to create our helmets for colleges and not include LSU. They have one of the most dedicated fan bases in all of sports, let alone college football, especially when it comes to tailgating.”

Learn more about NIMA’s product here.