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Spring 2k17: The QB Controversy Begins

You guys wanted a QB controversy, right?

LSU v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Naw, I’m just playing. Justin McMillan is not ready yet. Danny Etling, while his ceiling might not be as high, is still better than Justin right now and probably still will be come the fall. I like what McMillan brings to the table in terms of of his athletic ability and live arm but Danny puts us in the best position to win.

In terms of what Matt Canada is bringing to the offense, the thing that jumped out to me is how many shots the offense took on fade/go routes from their wide receivers. These sideline routes aren’t high-percentage throws but they are big, explosive plays and that’s how you win football games.

Etling 1

Whenever we have a seam plus quick out combo against an off corner like we have here to the top side, we know we are most likely going to throw the out route, but we want to check if the flat/seam defender gets his hands on that seam route. The reason is because there’s a chance he just flies out to the flats and undercuts our throw and then it’s 6 the other way. You see here Ray Thornton gets his hands on Foster Moreau before making his way to the flats. Good read and throw by Etling.

Etling 2

Sometimes you get ISO on the backside and want to throw the ball down the field to your best receiver. Etling looks off that safety on the top hash and then throws a pretty nice ball here to D.J. Chark.

Etling 3

Same idea here as the first play except the routes are a little different. Off corner, so Danny knows he’s probably going to Moreau unless the flat defender runs over there. Got to put that ball down a bit though.

Etling 4

Simple goal line flood concept with a rollout. Really nice play by Donte Jackson to bait that underneath throw by looking like he’s going to the corner with Moreau before getting to the flats to cover Guice who honestly should have reached the ball out over the pylon for a touchdown.

Etling 5

This is interesting because the offense wants to read the down lineman outside the tackle for the shovel to Guice but the defense doesn’t have a defensive end. This messes with the timing because Etling is expecting someone to be in his face right away but that doesn’t happen. The guard who is pulling around has to pick up Devin White, but instead he goes to kinda chase Michael Divinity. Technically, when it’s all said and done we should be reading Divinity because he’s the C-gap defender but because he comes from depth its screws everything.

Etling 6

Two man concept off play action with the Post and Sail routes. No where for Etling to go with the ball so you’d like him to throw it away. Jackson is in perfect coverage on the sail route by Chark. Grant Delpit never bites on the play fake so he’s over the post route. Good coverage.

Etling 7

Not blocking Frank Herron is probably not part of the gameplan.

Etling 8

Again, trying to throw the backside ISO. He looks at the safety as he catches the snap and he’s in the middle of the field, so Etling knows he has that 1v1 backside. Not sure why both him and the receiver read this like a back-shoulder throw. I think this should be a down the field shot. I don’t think this is a called hook pattern (or if it is it’s a doodoo route) so I think with Tolliver trailing the route, they should have looked over the top for a big play.

Etling 9

Another outbreaking route that Etling needs to throw lower. The read is fine, he’s wide open and even with a guy in your face, you gotta complete this ball.

Etling 10

I mean, look, this is a good read. The flat defender runs with the bubble by the slot opening up the slant behind him. It’s not even a bad ball or a bad route. I think generally Chark would want to come flatter on his slant to gain separation from Toliver but he’s kinda impeded by Xavier Lewis who is making his way to the flats. It’s actually a good play by Lewis. He gets horny to jump on that bubble right off the bat but then realizes that if something is going away from him, something is coming behind his head so he chills for a second and helps Toliver make the play.

Etling 11

Toliver made some nice plays this game. Really good job playing the back-shoulder throw.

Etling 12

Ball should be caught but Etling has to get it up. Good read. Both linebackers jump on the underneath route so he locks on to Chark for what should be a completion.

Justin McMillan

McMillan 1

Not sure why he doesn’t pull the trigger on this. A stick-esque concept where he’s reading the defender over his No. 2 receiver. The defender widens, therefore No. 3 is open on the stick route.

McMillan 2

This was a nice throw. When McMillan gets his head around downfield during his rollout, he sees that no one is outside his future out route. Good timing and an accurate throw.

McMillan 3

A pre-snap decision to work this six-yard hitch route. Great technique by the corner not to back pedal or anything. I think this should be a catch, though.

McMillan 4

This is a lot similar to the second play from McMillan. He’s got that out route off the rollout that he needs to throw right on the break but he doesn’t. Corner is off so it’s there for a completion.

McMillan 5

Well the kid can throw the ball, that’s for sure. Cover-1 blitz means you’d want to throw away from the safety which he does on this slot fade route. The slot fade is quickly becoming one of my favorite routes so I’m glad to see it being utilized in the offense this year.