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BEERFIGHT: Tin Roof’s Voodoo and Juke Joint

Checking out Tin Roof’s newest pale ale against their standard IPA.

Billy Gomila

Baton Rouge’s own Tin Roof has undergone a lot of changes and experiments since opening a few years ago. They recently changed the recipe for their Juke Joint IPA, lightening it up a bit — which fits the style a little bit better, in my opinion — and it’s been a change for the better.

They recently introduced a new American Pale Ale — Voodoo, so I decided to pit them against each other in a battle to the last drop.

Voodoo Pale Ale

Lighter, with a more pronounced bouquet compared to Juke Joint. Very light open, with some gentle malt notes and then a hop finish that is just a step over crisp. Not so hard that it’s not drinkable, but more on the hoppier end.

Juke Joint IPA

Slightly more golden in color, with a soft but still flavorful open, with a nice overtone of malty sweetness. Which is backed up with a finish that is less pronounced but has perhaps a more sharp flavor? More piney than floral, like Voodoo. I found it more refreshing, and a nice starter if you’re still trying to work your way into IPAs. Give this round to Juke Joint 2.0.