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GAMETHREAD: South Alabama (30-18) @ LSU (32-16), 6:30 p.m., SECN+

Tigers take on Jags in penultimate midweek game.

Adam Henderson

LSU plays South Alabama in the second to last (penultimate) midweek game for the Tigers Tuesday night.

South Alabama represents a slight uptick in challenge from what LSU usually has rolling into the Box on midweeks. The Jaguars have clipped the 30 win mark that many Group of Five teams set a soft goal and sit at the 51 in the RPI and lead the Sun Belt East with a 17-7 conference record. And oddly enough, South Alabama leads the series between the schools and it’s not really that close: USA is ahead 24-15 over the Tigers.

However, the 2014 meeting of the two schools was the first meeting between the two schools and LSU won that fairly handily, 9-0. Still, the Jaguars are batting .297 as a team and are looking to secure a spot in the NCAA tournament.


USA: Sean Trimble (4.30 ERA, 23 IP, 1.50 K/BB [21/14])

LSU: Caleb Gilbert (3.34 ERA, 29.2 IP, 5.5 K/BB [33/6])