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Greg Deichmann Drafted By Athletics In 2nd Round Of MLB Draft

LSU’s smashing outfielder is heading to the Bay Area

Bridgette Hogan/LSU Athletics

With the 43rd pick in the second round of the 2017 MLB Draft, the Oakland Athletics have drafted LSU senior slugger Greg Deichmann. The pick value for Deichmann lands at $1,597,300.

It took a while to warm up in college, but in 2016 Deichmann came into his own as the team’s first baseman, batting .288/.513/.346 with 11 home runs and 57 RBIs to his credit. His K/BB was little high at 2.16 (41/19) but that is to be expected from a power bat after all. But then in 2017, he broke out as a senior after he decided to return to Baton Rouge. He is currently batting .320/.606/.429 on the back of 19 home runs leading to 72 RBIs and a much improved K/BB of 1.10 (53/48) due to a high number of intentional walks.

Don’t expect to see Deichmann up by September as power bats tend to have a bigger learning curve when switching to bats. However, it is in Deichmann’s favor that he can field first base nearly as well as he is in right field. Added to that the fact that the designated hitter is available and Oakland tends to have a lot of roster turnover, Deichmann can really get to the majors relatively early should he continue with his current improvement trajectory and has a chance to become the face of the franchise that desperately needs one.