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BEERFIGHT: Abita’s Blueberry Wheat vs. Lime To-Gose

Trying Abita’s summer seasonal against their newest brew.

Billy Gomila

Abita may not have their true local ownership anymore, but give them credit for their diversification efforts, many of which we have chronicled here. Likewise, their summer seasonals are generally fairly strong, including the Blueberry Harvest Wheat, which we tried out last year.

We decided to pair it off against their newest attempt at a Gose-style sour beer: To-Gose

In New Orleans, to-go cups mean the fun (and the beer) doesn’t always have to stay inside the bar. To-Gose is Abita’s refreshing take on a traditional Gose beer – a slightly salty and sour beer style. Brewed with malted wheat and barley and German Perle Hops, fresh key limes are added during aging to create this sour ale with hints of lime, coriander and sea salt.

Lime Gose

Sadly, this is a rare misstep that I can’t recommend. It has a malty open with a bit of a briney middle, then kind of a bitter kick and a weird finish. It’s not quite as lime-y as you’d think, and the bit of a funk at the end doesn’t really add anything. Sour beers are generally an acquired taste, but this one just didn’t work for me.

Blueberry Wheat

This one has a neutral bouquet, and this particular batch was very carbonated. Has a nice malty backbone that slides into the blueberries without ever really getting too sweet. Very drinkable, although I think it’s still a step behind Purple Haze. Wins the contest here, but only by default, to be honest.