Technical support

For the last several months I've had a hard time with the ATVS site. The issue is my login status. I am randomly logged out and sometimes back in on the site. My browser settings are such that I should stay logged in, but that's not been working right either. I can log in on the main page and I'll see my username, avatar, and new comment counts, etc...everything that says "You're logged in." But then a lot of times I'll click on a thread and none of the comments are yellow, can't Z-function to new comments, etc....I look and oh, I'm not logged in anymore. Sometimes I can refresh and I'll show logged in, but a lot of times that doesn't work. Same thing if I navigate back to the main might show me logged in, a lot of times it doesn't. It's made posting and participating much more difficult.

This is happening on multiple machines running multiple OS platforms, and on multiple browsers within those devices. This is the only site I have problems with. Seems reasonable the problem is not on my end.

1) Anybody else have this problem?

2) Any suggestion what I can do about it?

Thanks....I need to get back to TLDRing you all before you all forget how to read.