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BEERFIGHT: NOLA’s Hurricane Saison versus Urban South’s Charming Wit

Pairing off some Euro-style summer beers from New Orleans.

This week we drown our post-baseball sorrows and pair off two Belgian-style summer beers from long-time favorite NOLA Brewing and newer kid on the scene, the Crescent City’s Urban South.

We’ve discussed NOLA’s summer seasonal before, but wanted to pair it off against Urban South’s very aptly named white ale, which does come in a very stylish seersucker can.

We’ve all got that one friend—sharp-dressed and silver tongued—who could sell a glass of water to a drowning man. He’s quick with a lighter, quicker with a joke, and studied in the art of locution. Let’s raise a glass to the raconteurs! We dedicate this crisp, smooth- drinking ale to the smooth-talkers, the tavern bards, and the gifted gabbers. So go on ahead. Drink deeply, laugh loudly, and long may you ramble.

Charming Wit

Very crisp, and kind of prickly to the tongue. Very carbonated. Soft open, with a fruity middle that you’d expect and then a short finish. Not as flavorful as I’d prefer, but I’m not a big wit fan in general (how un-blogger like). The coriander does provide a nice note to the end, though.

Hurricane Saison

A hoppier open, but more depth of flavor in the middle, with a slightly sweeter, fruitier taste that lingers. Both of these beers are strong for the summer time, but I think the Saison is better for the season.