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And the Valley Drinks: Southern Prohibition Crowd Control IPA

If the letters I, P and A tend to scare you a bit, this is a great beer to expand your horizons.

When it comes to craft beer and all the various styles, IPAs tend to be the kind that elicit the biggest reaction from the reluctant. And I get it, because I used to be in that number myself. The bitterness, the kind of prickly texture. Licking pollen, grass clippings, I’ve said them all myself. But tastes and palates change, and IPAs can be perfect in the summer, especially in the south, where the lighter, citrusy flavors can pair well with seafood and light meats.

For me, NOLA’s Hopitoulas was the gateway beer. Once I found some characteristics of an IPA that I liked, everything opened up.

Southern Prohibition brewing out of Hattiesburg has an offering that fits the bill really well for a starter IPA for the reluctant: Crowd Control.

Crowd Control is a dry-hopped Imperial IPA showcasing Mosaic hops. A solid malt backbone accompanied with a fruity and sticky hop overlay contain one another for a great balance of aroma and flavor. Drink fresh and don't resist.


Short version — if you like orange juice, you’ll like this beer. It has that rich color, and that’s kind of the flavor you get at first. Not nearly as sweet, but with a slight hint of bitterness and a really bright flavor. It’s incredibly drinkable for that reason, with a good malty backbone and a finish that has a hint of the bitter hops, but not enough to really linger. It adds some really nice contrast and balance. Very enjoyable beer — 4.25 out of 5 stars.