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BEERFIGHT: Abita’s The Boot vs. Tin Roof’s Turnrow

A walk on the lighter side with two quality summer beers from Louisiana.

Billy Gomila

A man does not live on dark beer alone, especially when it’s hot. Light beer, be it Miller or Bud or your fancy, always has its place, but there are still some great craft options for a cookout or summer seafood boil.

So we squared off two great local selections here — Abita’s The Boot and Tin Roof’s Turnrow Ale.

We’ve reviewed The Boot before, and it’s a special 30th anniversary beer the folks at Abita put together. Great tailgating beer, in my opinion. Turnrow has always been a classic for the folks at Tin Roof, available all year, and it has a bit of a different note by adding coriander.

Coriander adds a floral, citrusy, refreshing quality to this lightly malty wheat ale. Saaz hops compliment the coriander by introducing earthy and spicy components to the flavor. These flavors are layered over a base of lightly malty, honey-like Pilsner, bready Wheat Malt, and nutty, creamy Golden Naked Oats.

So let’s make ‘em fight!

The Boot

The tint is slightly darker, the bouquet a little hoppier, but not by much. The Boot is crisp and really light with a strong balance between the lighter malts and some hops just to give it a little texture. Light and very easy to session. Great for any sort of outdoor cooking.


Similar but different, with a little more body. The maltiness is not all that different, but with more of a spice note to close from the coriander, as opposed to the hops. The heft makes this a little harder to go with for as long as The Boot, but it’s a very nice changeup, and it pairs well with a lot of different foods. Very refreshing.

I think The Boot gets the edge here, but only by a toenail or two. Two great summer beers that will also be around come tailgating season too.