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Coach O Meets w/Media: Cornerback Depth, Position Moves and Quarterbacks

Recapping Ed Orgeron’s most recent post-practice press conference.

Chris Parent/LSU

Most noteworthy from a depth-chart perspective, and topical after yesterday’s position preview:

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that a former Under Armour All-American like Kary Vincent is pushing for playing time early, but nickel is an intriguing fit. Particularly for a former Texas state sprinting champion.

Other notes (shoutout to SEC Country’s Nick Suss for posting a transcript quickly):

It looks like right now the starters would be Donte and Kevin and perhaps Kary or Xavier at nickel, whoever wins out there. But Greedy is going to get a lot of reps too. As you know, we play 85 percent nickel. That guy does a lot. He blitzes, coverage, takes on tight ends. Sometimes you want to put a strong safety at nickel. Sometimes you want a cover corner. We want a guy who can do both.

On the other defensive backs:

Donte Jackson: He’s one of the fastest for sure. But he needs to get better day-in, day-out with technique. He knows he needs to get better. He’s not perfect yet. He has the potential to be a future No. 1 draft pick. But he needs to improve.

On Greedy Williams: Consistency. Learning to play the technique. He’s a tall corner. Tall corners are hard to find. The taller they are, usually the slower they are. But he’s a tall corner with speed. You need tall corners nowadays with all the tall receivers you have to cover in the SEC.

Ed Paris had a minor injury. He got kicked in the leg. Gave Grant Delpit a chance to get a lot of reps there. At right corner Kevin Toliver and Kristian Fulton are having great camps. At nickel we’re playing Kary Vincent and he’s having a great camp.

Offensive line:

What a tremendous day. I thought we had one of our better days of camp. We start with 8 o’clock meetings and walk throughs. We finished today with third downs. The offense was very efficient. The protection was very good given the guys out there. K.J. Malone was the left tackle, Garrett Brumfield was the left guard, Lloyd Cushenberry was the center, Ed Ingram was the right guard and Austin Deculus was the right tackle. Will and Toby did not practice.

They’re playing on the second team [walk-on offensive linemen]. Those guys are doing a tremendous job. I know them by their nicknames probably. Porkchop, Meatball, etc. It’s been Cushenberry and Michael, one of our walk-on snappers, he’s done a very good job.

Donavaughn Campbell had a big collision with Breiden Fehoko. Fehoko, if he was eligible, he’d be in the two-deep. He is beyond our expectations. He’s quick and he learns well. I ain’t seen him get tired yet. Pete is teaching him some techniques that he’s never heard of. He’s destroyed some blocks for us. Thad Moss is catching the ball well.

I think that Toby and Will should be back very soon.

Other notes include defensive line recruit Aaron Moffitt (son of Tommy) moving to tight end, Justin Jefferson joining the team officially, and some quarterback news.

Danny is still our No. 1 quarterback. We’re not thinking that far ahead. But hopefully there are some chances where we can play some quarterbacks. It’s still not over yet. I see them all tied [behind Etling]. Obviously we’re going to have to make a decision there. But we still have time. We’re giving Myles more reps now because we saw all those guys in the spring.

I think it’s a combination of some [freshmen] are very elite athletes. And some of them have been here. Then, the ability to go skill drills and film sessions in the summer with everybody here. And Myles Brennan is a natural thrower. His release and his ability to throw the ball is really special. It’s just fun to see. It’s fun to see the ball come out of his hand. But we’re going to have to bring him along when he’s ready.

Well, nothing to read into there, right? Stay tuned. Tigers go through scrimmage preseason game No. 2 on Saturday.

Also, speaking of linebackers, this recent interview with Devin White is worth a look as well.