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QB Lindsey Scott Announces Transfer

Former Mr Louisiana looking for playing time.

With camp closed to media, following the race for LSU’s QB spot has been difficult, with only rumors and the “stats” provided in briefings after the scrimmages. The prevailing wisdom is that it’s Danny Etling’s job to lose, with true freshman Myles Brennan hot on his heels.

That leaves Redshirt Freshman Lindsey Scott Jr. in a bit of a bind, looking at spending his first year of eligibility on the bench behind two others. Scott must have realized the issue and decided his best path to the field is somewhere else, announcing this morning his intention to transfer.

On one hand, Scott can hardly be blamed for seeking out playing time. At other positions, it’s much easier to find someway onto the field. But for Quarterbacks, barring an injury or a position change, once you’re one the bench it can be difficult to see any path to meaningful snaps. Since Scott already spent 2016 redshirting, the clock on his eligibility is ticking away.

On the other hand, LSU has now lost it’s 11th player this offseason. Some attrition after a coaching change is normal, but I’m now hoping the season will just get here already before we lose anyone else. Dellenger at The Advocate put together a concise list of the departures so far.

Dellenger also points out the continuation of the horror show of LSU QB signings over the last decade plus.

Scott’s possible destinations are unknown at the moment, as are any transfer restrictions. Scott was once a solid lean to Syracuse, but it’s doubtful he would be allowed a transfer there or to any LSU opponent as Coach O will do what he can to keep the details of Air Canada under wraps.