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Can We Talk About How Handsome Danny Etling Is?

Our quarterback looks better than yours.

LSU v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

LSU’s football team reported for camp on Sunday. Obviously, everyone is excited to get a first look at the players after an offseason of conditioning. It’s the first big step to kicking up football season. And look, roster updates are fun. I like getting a first look at the guys just as much as you all do. But we here at ATVS prefer to focus on the most important things. Namely, our QB being handsome.

Now, Etling has always been a good looking guy. Last year, he definitely kept the boy next door look on lock:

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Louisiana State vs Louisville Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It suited him well. He needed to be the quiet, humble guy just showing up to do his yard work so he could have a little fun in the summer. No one wants the braggadocio. He hadn’t earned the right. He couldn’t mow the lawn with his shirt off yet. That’d be too much. So he kept it subtle. Wry smiles. Demure comments.

“Danny, how’s football?”
“Good. Love my teammates.”

“Danny, tell me about yourself.”
“Blessed. Love my teammates. Great group of guys.”

“Danny, tell us more. What do you like to do in your spare time?”
“Super thankful. Really lucky. Happy to be here. Great teammates.”

That’s the sign of a guy who knows his fast lane, right? Deflect and praise others. Perfect boy next door behavior.

New Season, New Etling

Look at that guy walking in. I can smell the swagger from Los Angeles, Danny.

Etling has blossomed into a full blown heart throb, guys. He’s no longer the cute boy in math class that the nerdy girls have a crush on. The whole school knows. He’s moved straight into the cheerleader tier. He’s bonafide. He’s a made man. He doesn’t mow lawns anymore. He’s definitely a life guard now. Definitely saved three rambunctious middle schoolers’ lives this summer. Doesn’t want a thank you, thank you. Just appreciates your acknowledgment. It’s a good thing Trevor Knight graduated because he might have lost his throne as league’s most handsome QB.

Look at that smile. Look at the style choices. Ray Bans? Classic. Air Canada t-shirt? Quiet confidence in what the future holds. Is that an Apple watch? You measuring your heart rate or mine, Danny?

This is that scene in your favorite high school drama where the shy guy morphs into the school’s biggest crush. Why does he look like he’s ready to star in a French New Wave film? Don’t let your girlfriend within three feet of this guy or you’ll wind up single. Who are you taking to homecoming, Danny?

We definitely have ourselves a quarterback. Swoon.

The confidence looks good on you, Danny.