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Mike VII Officially Introduced As LSU Mascot

LSU once again has a live tiger on campus.

LSU Athletics

Soon after Mike VI’s untimely death due to cancer, LSU announced that the next Mike would be on campus in time for the Fall 2017 semester.

Classes started today, and on cue as promised Mike VII, nee Harvey, was introduced to the public.

Mike VII arrived to Baton Rouge as Harvey from Wild At Heart Wildlife Center in Okeechobee, Florida. LSU is strictly against the act of purchasing Tigers and has not bought a Tiger since Mike III in 1958. In keeping with that belief, LSU recently sought accreditation as a Tiger sanctuary and recently renovated the Tiger Habitat on campus between Mikes.

Mike VII will be the first Tiger (depending on what conspiracy theories you buy) to never step foot in Death Valley (unless he escapes or is let out [again]). LSU announced they will discontinue the practice in full, citing concerns for the well-being of the Tiger.

Coincidentally, LSU football fares pretty well early on in the first few years of each Mike’s rein. Mike I’s first season saw a 9-1-1 campaign, Mike III arrived in 1958, one season before LSU’s first national championship, and Mike VI arrived on campus in 2007, and we all know how that year worked out. Mike VII is arriving on a campus that is welcoming a new (full-time) head coach and offensive coordinator along the best defensive coordinator in all of college football and a stocked cupboard of talent. His prospects of carrying on that tradition are...good.