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LSU’s Roster of Analysts Adds Longtime NFL Receivers Coach

Jerry Sullivan returns to LSU to work alongside coaching staff.

San Francisco 49ers 2009 Headshots

A major point of emphasis for Ed Orgeron in taking over the helm of the LSU Football program has been the staff, both coaches and support. A report today in The Advocate indicates that the expansion of that support staff will continue with the addition of long-time NFL assistant Jerry Sullivan.

Sullivan, 73, is working with LSU receivers coach Mickey Joseph in an off-the-field role, team spokesman Michael Bonnette said.

Sullivan is most recently of the Jacksonville Jaguars staff, but has worked in the NFL in some capacity since 1992, mostly as a receivers coach, aside from briefly serving as the Arizona Cardinals’ offensive coordinator in 2003. He also coached the position at LSU from 1984-1990.

People like Sullivan are here to “coach the coaches,” similar to special teams consultant Greg McMahon. That means doing a lot of the film and scouting work, then relaying that information to the coaches and grad assistants, who pass it on to the players. NCAA rules forbid consultants from actually working with players on the field (not that Alabama’s Mike Locksley seemed concerned when he was working with Jalen Hurts in the first playoff game last year). But that still creates a key function — in this case Mickey Joseph can rely on Sullivan to help scout opposing defensive backs so he can spend more time recruiting and performing the other tasks of his job.

Sullivan has been linked to past openings here, likely because of the previous ties to the school. I believe his name came up with a couple of different openings at receivers coach, notably when Todd Monken left following the 2006 season. Either way, working in these off-field roles are a nice way for older coaches to wind down their careers.