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Link Gumbo 9/1/2017 - Coach O gives final press briefing, Miles returns to TV


Ed Orgeron had a final availability with media this afternoon before the team heads to New Orleans for Saturday’s opener with BYU:

The press conference was timed so that Orgeron could go watch his two sons play for McNeese State and Nichols State, respectively, Thursday night. Among the highlights:

  • Regarding rumored suspensions — “First of all, I want to handle everything in house. I don’t want to give a competitor an advantage before a game. We handle it in house. Those are the things we talk about. But we’re all going to make mistakes. We have people who forgive us. They need to learn their lesson and hopefully they don’t do it again.”
  • “I do believe Saahdiq Charles will start at right guard. Ed Ingram will back him up and play.”
  • Jacob Phillips or Tyler Taylor could be the first freshman linebacker off the field. Tyler is a little more fluid, a little more athletic and rangy. Jacob is a little more physical at the point of attack. Uses his hands well. They’re both very, very good linebackers.”
  • Ed Alexander has lost some weight. He had his best week of practice. He needs to play his best game. Their center is going to be a handful all night. We practiced Glen Logan [at nose] a little bit. He can do it if we need it. We don’t think we’re going to need it. But if we do, he can do it.”

Per Orgeron, the team will have a team dinner Friday evening, then watch a movie together and head to the Crescent City around 8:30 p.m.

The Advocate’s Scott Rabalais documents some of the minor changes to LSU’s uniforms for this season. Ross Dellenger offers some details on the Shovel Option portion of the new offense. In a minor surprise given the nature of the move to NOLA, LSU’s ticket allotment has already sold out. And the buck linebacker position still remains up for grabs with Arden Key set to miss the game on Saturday. Ray Thornton will also be playing for a military dad, currently deployed in Kuwait.

The Advocate also has this feature on LSU’s new first lady, Kelly Orgeron.

In other news, LSU associate athletic director Eddie Nunez will be taking over as the head man for the University of New Mexico. Nunez mostly worked with facilities in his time at LSU, but played a major role in the search for Will Wade last spring. Also, looks like some more improvements are coming to Tiger Stadium.

Last night during the Ohio St - Indiana game, Les Miles returned to TV for the ESPNews Coaches Film Room broadcast. It was fascinating to watch him and the other coaches break down plays live on air. It was also kinda funny to watch them all banter about coaching life, take a few friendly jabs at each other for all being unemployed, and watch Miles throw out any notion of impartiality as he rode an emotional roller coaster openly rooting for Indiana to pull the upset and becoming increasingly upset with the failures of the Hoosier’s right tackle.

We even got a classic Les Miles moment at the end of the night, when Miles bailed on the panel in the middle of answering a question to find a bathroom and left his wireless mic on after leaving the room.