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Eating With Ed - Week 3, Mississippi St.

Arden Key is cleared to return.

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The coach getting praise this week from CEO was receivers coach Mickey Joseph, with some spare praise to Jerry Sullivan, who was brought in as a consultant during fall camp. Was please with the improvement on kickoffs, but FG kicking still needs some work. LSU has played 20 true freshmen so far this year, believed to be the most in the nation. Arden Key has been cleared to play, but O still wasn’t ready to name him a starter (Key is still absent from this week’s depth chart) Rashard Lawrence is questionable to even practice this week.

Greedy Williams’ play over the first two games has practically locked up a starting spot for himself over Kevin Toliver, “It's a good problem to have...There's no sacred spots on our football team. We're going to play the best players regardless of seniority or anything. And we want the guys that are playing the best. And right now Greedy is doing that.”

Aranda is using a new defensive package to get Corey Thompson on the field more (he would not reveal it’s name for fear of Ross Dellenger breaking it down in the paper again)

On Prepping for crowd noise in Starkville: “We get a John Deere tractor and we get right behind the offense and we bring some big speakers out and we kind of play their fight songs and crowd noise and cowbells and all that stuff.”

Arden Key is up to 265 and they’d like him to lose about ten pounds, but it was difficult to keep the weight off with his shoulder injury.

Since Coach Greg (Mack) McMahon is the special teams “coach”, but can’t have too much direct contact with players, O broke down how special teams are handled on the staff:

“Jeff Grimes handles the field goal protection unit. Chris (our graduate assistant coach that handles the special teams through Coach Mack) coaches the holder, the snapper and the kicker. The Geronimo unit is coached by Dennis Johnson, myself and Corey Raymond. Dennis is the chief guy there. The kickoff unit is coached by Dennis Johnson. The punt return unit, which we call Charlie, is coached by Corey Raymond. The kickoff return unit, which we call House Call, is coached by Mickey Joseph. And Steve Ensminger does a great job assisting all assistants assist on every of them. And the punt unit is coached by Tommie Robinson.”

Coach O was asked to describe a moment from the last game he coached for Ole Miss, a loss to State in the 2007 Egg Bowl that came about partially because he decided to go for it on a 4th down play instead of punt and is answer was pretty humbling:

“Yeah, I thank the good Lord every day. (Laughter) it's just been a great journey. I live like this: Whatever happens, it happens for a reason and I move on to the next day.

I should have punted the ball. It was an emotional decision. That's why I have mentors nowadays, especially when I get emotional and I ask them what do you think, and I ask Matt what do you think, I ask Pete what do you think, I ask Dave what do you think?

So those are the things I've grown in that area. But I will say this to you: We beat a team called Stanford who was ranked No. 4 in the country and most people wouldn't have went for it fourth down and we did. And they crowded the stadium for us. Those things can happen, but that was not a very good call. But I'm very appreciative to be at LSU.

Q. If that situation comes up again, how much more deliberative will you be in that kind of spot, or will you go back to being a little bit of a riverboat gambler?

COACH ORGERON: No, I'm punting. (Laughter) I want to keep this job. (Laughter).



The big changes this week are the removal of the OR tags at a few positions, signifying that some of the depth chart battles have been settled. this includes

  • Gamble as #1 KO
  • Brennan as #2 QB
  • Chaisson #1 B-OLB
  • Delpit #1 FS
  • Greedy #1 CB



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