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How Many CLANGA Does it Take to Change a CLANGA?

Evan answers our...other...questions.

1. Care to comment on rumors that Dan Mullen interviewed for the managing editor position here at ATVS over this offseason?


Does that mean you openly admit to being bad at your job and/or you're incapable of doing it?

Like Les Miles and the LSU coaching job?

2. So when the Bulldogs call plays is it one CLANGA by land and two CLANGA by sea?

I am not at liberty to disclose the secret language of my people. CLANGA, CLANGA CLANGA. CLAN-CLANGA CLANG CLANGA!

3. So for those making the trip to Starkville, does Nick Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda have the scoop on all the local speakeasies?

What kind of man would I be if was to tell the entire world wide web that Heisman candidate Nicky Fitz knows the whereabouts of some of the finest establishments the ABC has yet to locate and inspect in StarkVegas. If you have to ask, you don't deserve to know the answer.

(Jackie Sherrill will be behind the bar 11-2 at [name redacted]. It's the second door on the side of the theater downtown. The password is "castration".)

4. Todd Grantham taught y'all any new cusswords yet?

Does Da Coacho eat gumbo on recruiting visits? Since some smaller eyes might wander across this, I'll censor them to where only those that are +18 years old can enjoy their humor. His favorites in no particular order:


CLANGA is my personal favorite, it has a nice ring to it.

(I'm sorry.)