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A Song of Purple and Geauxld - Week 3

CLANGABOWL Confirmed. What is hype may never die.

**Ed. Note: Friend of the site, Baton Rouge radio personality and former Tiger T-Bob Hebert has...unique tastes. Among them, Game of Thrones. Since he’s started his own George R. R. Martin version of college football coverage this season, he was good enough to provide us with a text version.**

Having claimed two easy victories to begin the campaign season, morale is sky high amongst The Swamp King's troops. (morale was high amongst the Swamp King's still green, albeit slightly more experienced troops: you choose which one to use). However, Lord Orgeron knows all too well that wars are not won on morale alone. If he is to truly challenge the Crimson Emperor's rule he must first shore up his supply lines. And thus did the Swamp King's gaze turn east to the neighboring lands of Mississippi and the Kingdom of Starkville.

Led by Duke Dan Mullen, the lands of Starkville are renowned for their fertile soil and fertile women. Their granaries burst at the seams and they are rich in livestock. A simple people, their sigil is that of a bulldog set against a field of maroon and it is said that when their armies go to battle the women, children, and men not of fighting age surround the battlefield and attempt to intimidate their opponents by loudly and ceaselessly ringing the same bells that they attach to their prized cows.

If the Swamp King is to emerge victorious he will have to do something that he has not done yet... eh will have to take the fight to the enemy! Defending your homelands is one thing, but true conquerors are able to spread their dominion throughout neighboring lands. A victory here would greatly increase the renown of Lord Orgeron and eliminate any supply problems that the might have; HOWEVER, a defeat would mean utter disaster. Thus the question that that the common folk whisper throughout the lands in dark shadowy corners away from prying eyes and suspicious ears... Is the Swamp King truly up to the task?

Listen to the audio version here.