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Competition Tuesday: Week 4

Breaking down positions of interest before LSU plays Syracuse.

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Louisiana State vs Louisville Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This will be the second installment of an in-season, weekly column that mirrors LSU’s themed practice schedule. Compete, compete, compete.

In a performance so poor, no player should feel safely established in his role, with the exception of Devin White, who is well on his way to having a campus building named after himself. It would be useless to do a column about positions that should be under competition and say: “Everyone.” So let’s try and identify some specifics.

Donnie Alexander

Alexander missed week 1 due to suspension, returned inconspicuously in week 2 and then only made it a half in week 3 before being ejected. He’s registered 11 tackles and 2 hurries, meanwhile freshman Tyler Taylor played admirably in his absence. Mistakes off the field + mistakes on the field + lack of overall production will put you on notice.

Russell Gage and Derrick Dillon

Fully confident these guys may know the offense better than the others, but a combined 10 catches for 119 yards and 0 TDs through 3 games isn’t inspiring. Toss in the drops and you earn a spot on the list. Drake Davis and Stephen Sullivan have combined for 2 catches for 82 yards and 1 TD.

Offensive Line

You play that poorly and you get an honorary spot. Honestly, the only reason we can’t single out players to be replaced is that we don’t have any players to replace them with. They successfully mauled State on one series, which lead to LSU’s only TD, but even then they committed a penalty.

Danny Etling

Folks will blame WR drops and protection breakdowns, but Etling didn’t handle the pressure well. It’s pretty hard to complete only 45% of your passes, especially with a 4.7 YPA. You can’t bench Etling for this game, but even O is already talking about getting Brennan more snaps.

Who makes your list for the week? Which jobs should be up for grabs?