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Turnover Wednesday: Week 4

Looking ahead.

Carolina Panthers vs Miami Dolphins - September 25, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

This will be the third installment of an in-season, weekly column that mirrors LSU’s themed practice schedule. We can’t create turnovers on a blog, so we’ll play on the meaning of that word and use this space to transition to the future. Last week is over; let’s see what’s ahead.

  • LSU can’t possibly play so poorly across the board again. The team and coaches collectively failed together and the odds of that all being replicated is nearly non-existent.
  • Tough losses are good for a freshman class heavy on contributors. Nice for them to know the taste of failure and to never want to experience it again.
  • The next two weeks won’t say much about where LSU stands, but it should be beneficial for recovery and rebuild. Some players need to mend from injuries and some may just need a mental reset.
  • Danny Etling is still handsome af.
  • We don’t even have to think about kicker woes this week!
  • Back-to-back home weekends should be a nice time to tailgate and spend time with people you love.
  • Saturday begins LSU’s reset period. Syracuse is in for a bloodletting.
  • Three full weeks of practice before traveling to Gainesville should allow adequate time to contemplate the meaning of Jim McElwain’s shark affection.
  • Football isn’t a game of inches, because down and distance is measured in yards. Also, games are won by points, which makes this the shittiest aphorism ever. Football is a game of points. Fix your speech, Al Pacino.
  • John David Booty went to USC and really spared us all from having to do that whole thing again.
  • Do you ever think about how the dolphins make Hootie cry but Nick Saban made the Dolphins cry?
  • If Derrius Guice rushes for 150 yards this week, he will pass LaBrandon Toefield, Jeremy Hill, Brad Davis, Garry James and Rondell Mealey on LSU’s all-time leading rushers list.
  • LSU is still not mediocre.
  • Every week marches these freshman further along their developmental arcs. This team could be problematic come late October.
  • Bourbon is delicious.