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How To Football: Week 4

Your one-stop-shop for all things Week 4 of the college football season.

All told, this weekend will feature a pretty solid mix of early conference games and some kinda big non-conference match-ups, LSU’s included, that combine to make a pretty okay slate. I look at this slate and see a lot of room for finishes and potential upsets, but nothing that’s an overt headliner. I guess that’s why GameDay is heading to New York City for marketing reasons.

Yeah it’s stupid.

Anyway here’s your excel playsheet.

WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

When It’s On, It’s On Shift


I dunno, I guess Temple and USF is going to be somewhat watchable? The Bulls are going to grind out a win against a...rebounding Temple team, but it’s the only thing on.

And yes, I am aware that there is a NFL game on. Go look at that matchup and tell me how much more appealing it is than Temple-USF. I’ll be here.

The Pre-Pregame Shift

At least the name recognition ratchets up on Friday night. Boise is going to whup up on Virginia and maybe we will get a solid contest on Utah and Arizona? It’s certainly the best chance of one happening in the pre-Saturday slate.

The AT&T Hot Seat Bowl Shift

Arkansas will be wearing special Cowboys uniforms for their game in the house that one of their alums built, but are somehow three point underdogs to the very much on fire and not in a good way Texas A&M Aggies. If BERT loses this game then he probably might not get canned yet, but if Sumlin is on the wrong side of the scoreboard he may be hitching his way back to College Station.

If you really like scoring, then your jam will be on either ABC or ESPN2 in the Texas Tech-Houston game. Probably won’t be close, but touchdowns will be had en masse. The other side of the ABC/ESPN2 split is NC State and Florida State. NC State has a history of hanging around against their conference front runners and making games when they probably shouldn’t, add to the pot that the Seminoles only had one game against Alabama and are without Deandre Francois and things could really get to cooking.

And then we have two matchups between option team if that’s your jam: Pitt at Georgia Tech on the newfangled ACC Network (aka WatchESPN) at 11:20 and Army at Tulane over on the Forbidden Network, which I learned was just added to PlayStation Vue, making it a lot less more forbidden.

There really is something for everybody in this shift, even Kansas football for the masochists!

The Little Engine That Could Shift

Implications wise, TCU and Oklahoma State is the big draw of the shift, but I feel like everybody's hearts and attention will be focused on universally scorned Michigan travelling to Ross-Ade Stadium to fight plucky underdog and universally adored Purdue. Jeff Brohm and his boys have captured the souls of America, and now it’s time for them to play Michigan close going into the fourth quarter before talent and depth take over and Michigan wins by 14.

Meanwhile, on the west coast, Cal is...good? Improving? Has a defense? I don’t know either? They host USC and I’m not expecting them to win at all, but they might could hang with the Trojans for a minute.

Duke and North Carolina may be a close game, but good game, maybe less so. But close games aren’t always good but they are compelling, and those are always worth watching. I honestly just don’t know enough curtains about either team to really sell you on that and I don’t think anybody does for real. This game will be a huge referendum for both schools, fair or not.

Elsewhere: Alabama processes Vanderbilt and Clemson laps Boston College.

But just in case.

Pulp Fiction Shift

Hooo man Syracuse and LSU just got a lot juicier (heh) now. I’m now fully convinced Dino Babers can get his boys up into the ring with LSU now that he’s seen what happened last week. LSU needs to respond in a big way and this is the wrong coach to try and do that against. It’s gonna be ugly for a quarter or two guys, if not the whole half.

If you’re capable of keeping tabs with other games while LSU is on and aren’t still salty from last weekend, Mississippi State at Georgia is probably the marquee matchup of the night and that’s...saying something alright considering it isn’t an SEC West game.

Because if you look elsewhere there is Notre Dame-Michigan State which would be a blockbuster if it was 2013, Florida extending their streak over Kentucky to 30. Yes, thirty. Three-zero, 10 more than 20.

Penn State and Iowa sound good on paper but once you take a deeper dive into thing it has all the makings of Penn State finding a gear Iowa doesn’t have in the second quarter and leaving the Hawkeyes in the dust. Now that I said that, of course this game will go into double overtime tied 35 all.

Guerrilla Radio Shift

Preeeeeeetty average assortment of PAC 12 After Dark games: UCLA at Stanford is going to be an utter mess of a game between two teams that have been looking pretty not great early in the season and that will make for fantastic television for all the wrong reasons. Outside of that Washington gets to dismantle Colorado (again) and Hawaii travels to Wyoming in a meeting between college football hipster favorites. Finally, Oregon plays Arizona State over on the PAC-12 Network, wherever that is. I’m actually pretty interested in this game solely for the purpose of getting a litmus test of Oregon and the potential of seeing Oregon dissect PAC-12 teams once again. But, you know, PAC-12 Network and all.