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Fourth Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 4

Gone to Carolina in my mind.

Well that’s what you get for picking Muschamp. 6 victims, which is the same amount of points as a touchdown, something Will Muschamp offenses aren’t fond of. Also, so long and good night to LSURanger, who picked LSU. And KSCPaul and Sound & Fury, who boldly went where no other men went and chose the Rebels of Oxford.

Do you guys want me to start hiding the losers or do you like seeing their blood splattered on the pavement?

This Week’s Games

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas

Arkansas is gonna dress up for Jerry Jones in this one, so our brethren at GBH think this should just be a fashion show instead. That’s honestly a better idea. Does anyone want to watch this game? I don’t think their own fans want to watch this game. This game was really competitive and fun every year... until last year when it totally wasn’t. Right now the Aggies are a narrow favorite. I’m sure they’ll get a huge lead and try to pass to protect it.

UMass @ Tennessee

Yes, UMass is FBS. Yes, Tennessee is FBS too. The Vols suck and punctuated that by flippantly losing to UF on a last second hail mary that Florida fans will tell everyone was the best play in 2017 no matter what else happens. Butch Jones even seems surprised he still has a job at this point. The Vols should run away with this one unless they forget their best player is their RB. Again.

#1 Alabama @ Vanderbilt

Alabama looks more mortal than they have in a number of years. Their QB is averaging like 3.1 yards in the air on his passes. Even Andrew Hatch could throw the ball further than 3.1 yards. Vandy upset KState last weekend. You got ‘Dored, Wildcats. Maybe they will win the SEC East?

Louisiana Tech @ South Carolina

South Carolina football is perpetually two steps forward, three steps back. Opening the season with a big win over NC State, followed by a destruction of Missouri gets everyone thinking they’ve arrived in Columbia. But the only place they arrived is the drive thru. Here’s some cold french fries. The ice cream machine is broken.

#17 Mississippi State @ #11 Georgia

Mississippi State did forbidden things to Louisiana Tech, which seemed like a mirage until they did it again against LSU. Maybe they just hate the state of Louisiana? Georgia’s big win came against the best 4-8 team in college football history. This is the game of the week, which means it should be a hapless snoozefest with some sprinkled on stupidity. I dare anyone to pick Georgia.

Syracuse @ #25 LSU

You probably didn’t hear about it, but LSU lost last week. Can they rebound vs. Syracuse? I guess we shall see!

#15 Auburn @ Missouri

Missouri is so bad, Greg Sankey is thinking about giving them back to the Big 12. Auburn just looks rudderless. They should blast the paper Tigers, which means this game will be tied late in the 4th quarter.

#20 Florida @ Kentucky

Florida’s offense is basically performance art at this point. They tend to pair that with a defense so lethal it doesn’t end up mattering. Not this year. Both units rank in the 100s. Kentucky hasn’t beaten Florida since ‘86. Neither of these teams can play offense. This will be an awful affair. Show up at the end and say you were there for the Wildcats first win in 30 years.

That’s it! A lot of punching bag games for you to get your pick on with this week.

Hasta la vista, baby!