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A Song of Purple & Geauxld - Week 4

An Opportunity of Orange

Once again, special thanks to T-Bob Hebert:

CHAOS REIGNS throughout the lands of the Swamp King… Having been massacred at the Gates of Starkville Lord Orgeron’s forces were forced to limp back to their Death Valley stronghold hanging their heads in shame…. Having failed miserably in their attempt to reinforce their supply lines with the grainieries of Starkville, whispers now abound that perhaps The Swamp King is not the one destined to challenge the Crimson Emperor for the Pigskin Throne….

In common rooms and taverns throughout the lands, groups of commoners gather and lament the loss of General Miles. To be sure, Miles had never led his forces to such an utterly crushing defeat. A smell of treason wafts through the air. Only a fool would be incapable of seeing the precarious situation surrounding the armies of the purple and gold, and a fool the Swamp King is not. With morale low and mutters of mutiny spreading like the plague Lord Orgeron knows he must restore the peasants belief that he is the one set to lead them to great things.

And in his time of need an Orange Opportunity has arisen. Lord Orgeron’s spies informed him that a tribe of Northmen from the lands of Syracuse have been secretly planning a raid on Death Valley. The Orangemen, as they are called in the northlands, are perhaps Lord Orgeron’s best opportunity to right the wrongs of Starkville. They fight with a lighting quick style and prefer hit and run tactics to all out battle, still, even at their best they should be no match for the might of the purple and gold… Can Lord Orgeron turn back the foreign invaders and restore his people’s faith in himself? Or will Chaos continue to swirl… find out this Saturday in DEATH VALLEY .

Listen to the audio version here.