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Tell the Truth Monday: Syracuse

On Mondays, we tell the truth.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Already tired of hearing how this is the worst performance in years. It’s as if the entire fanbase slept walked through the last 4.25 years of the Les Miles era. Does no one remember limping to a 10 point victory vs Syracuse just two years ago?

  • I drank around 12 Miller Lites during this game, so my opinions are immensely qualified.
  • You can’t do trial by fire with your backup QB without fire. If LSU used Brennan while leading comfortably, it wouldn’t have given the desired experience.
  • I stayed up until 1 a.m. EST drinking with my brother-in-law before catching a 6 a.m. flight back to LA. We all have our trials by fire.
  • Fans feel much more uncomfortable with the Brennan experiment because Etling hasn’t earned their trust. They aren’t sure he’s the starting quarterback. O wouldn’t make that move if he wasn’t.
  • The immense number of significant contributors that are underclassmen make this a young team. People saying otherwise are lying.
  • A lot of the fanbase hasn’t recovered from Miles being fired, despite their insistence so. Things excused for half a decade are now immediately brought up to critique O. It’s okay, just admit you miss Les.
  • Miles would often revert to conservative styles in ugly games that never pushed his teams to work on weaknesses like making plays in the passing game when the running game isn’t there. It’s never fun to watch but O was clearly trying to work on pain points.
  • The sprint to define this team is already exhausting and we haven’t yet hit October. Questioning whether this team makes a bowl isn’t you being a smart critic, it’s you content to be angry. The line is never straight. Embrace the journey.
  • I’m not the person I want to be but I’m closer now than I was 10 years ago. The path to this point has been varied and winding.
  • Fans leave games early because winners fill seats and LSU hasn’t competed for a championship in half a decade, but I’m sure if we tweet about it and complain a little more it will all change.
  • In an age where technological innovations make home viewing a more ideal experience, many teams struggle to fill the stadium. We are not unique.
  • Jeff Grimes continues to openly beg questions about his worth. It doesn’t matter who plays QB, what plays you call nor scheme you run, if you can’t block.
  • O makes rapid changes when players fail to perform. The result is our place kicker now blasting kicks out the endzone and Greedy Williams.
  • I wish I were as proactive in making positive changes in my life, but I often deliberate.
  • LSU only committed three penalties in the entire game, but no one is interested in talking about areas of improvement.
  • I’ve posted back-to-back podcasts the day after recording. Progress, folks.
  • Syracuse has a tricky offense capable of scoring quickly and in bunches, lead by a talented, veteran QB. It’s a taller challenge for a young defense than most want to admit. All things considered, they played well and made the Orange earn their points.
  • Our SEC bias stands in the way of acknowledging solid non-con opponents that don’t meet the helmet test. This is the best team we’ve played thus far and they rank 51st in the S&P+, yet all people want to talk about is how “terrible” they are.
  • Change is difficult for most. We became accustomed to Miles, like him or not. This team feels foreign because we don’t yet know what’s on the other side.
  • Eight different players caught passes on Saturday and four of them caught multiple balls. Matt Canada’s offense is starting to take shape and young playmakers are starting to step up.
  • Guice is running timid in 2017. Not sure what’s up with that.
  • LSU is averaging over 400 yards of offense, which, believe it or not, they only did four times in the Miles era.
  • The best football is still ahead of this team.