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Competition Tuesday: Week 5

Which jobs should be open after ‘Cuse?

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we told the truth. Billy broke down the tape. So who should be fighting for their jobs this week?

Ed Ingram

PFF rates Ingram highly, but he struggled so mightily on Saturday that he wound up on the bench for Adrian Magee. LSU has yet to figure out their right guard situation, but the unit looked extra leaky vs. Syracuse. It’s one thing to struggle against Jeffrey Simmons and State, but ‘Cuse doesn’t have those type of hosses up front. Ingram is young, so plenty to grow, but this position will continue to be a turnstile for now.

John Battle

Now injured, perhaps this is harsh. Battle hasn’t really distinguished himself in 2017. Saturday he allowed three catches on four targets, according to the Advocate.

Russell Gage and Derrick Dillon

Like I mentioned last week, they should give way to the big WRs who continue to make plays while they remain unproductive. Add a another pair of catches and another pair of TDs to Sullivan and Davis’ lines. We need all the receivers, but Sullivan and Davis are clearly two of the best three on this team right now.

Josh Growden

After a pretty rough start to the season, it looks as if he may already have found the bench to walk-on Zach Von Rosenberg. Growden is averaging under 39 yards a punt. And he’s not burying teams with killer coffin kicks.

Arden Key

He’s not in shape. I suppose playing him is the only way to get him back to that point, but this was about as ineffective as he’s looked in his entire career, including giving up on a QB run late. You don’t really bench Key, but it’d be nice to see him in a more specialized role until he’s in better playing shape.

Who you got? Who should be hearing footsteps coming?