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LSU Reveals Uniforms For Troy Matchup

The Tigers have put a twist on the uniform set for this weekend.


The last couple of years have seen LSU debut quite a few new uniform combinations, from the new white helmet and gold jersey with white pants set against Mississippi State, to bringing back out the all time great, yet to be touched all white “Storm Trooper” look against Ole Miss in 2015, and a white helmet, purple jersey with white instead of gold, and white pants combo against South Carolina in 2015.

This weekend, they’ll be once again adding to that trend, with a new look that is absolutely awesome.

The white helmets are tremendous. Do not at me on Twitter about this. Do not post in the comments section that they’re not. The white helmets are beautiful and amazing and frankly too pure for this cruel world. Any day LSU wears the white helmets is a good day.

We have the usual purple jersey, with the gold and white trim on the shoulder pads, albeit these are with the old and now new again shoulder pad trim, not the one we saw from 2013-2016. But the best new alteration we have is the stylish white pants, which have a purple trim and the old-school Block “L” logo. We’ve seen the throwback “L” logo make a comeback of sorts this year, the baseball team wore uniforms with it as the logo earlier this year, and now the football team is incorporating it as well. It’s awesome.

Overall, this is a super stylish and strong look. It’s pretty similar to the one they broke it vs South Carolina a couple years back, but it’s got some new features as well. The best parts being as always, the white helmets, but the new pants as well.