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A Song of Purple & Geauxld - Week 5

The Test of Trojans

Courtesy of the incomparable T-Bob Hebert:

The enemies surrounding the Swamp King continue to grow in numbers following a less than convincing defeat over the Orangemen of Syracuse. Morale has reached a new low. Once confined to the back alleys under moonlight, debate over whether or not Lord Orgeron is capable of leading these armies is now spoke of openly and without fear of retribution.

It is in this time of great darkness that the Swamp King hatches his most daring plan to date...what better way to win back the hearts and minds of the people than a raid of epic proportions? Far to the east, where the ocean meets the sand, lies the proud Kingdom of Florida. Lord Orgeron knows that if he could defeat them in open battle and bring plunder and glory back to his people that he would have their loyalty once more...

But first, he must deal with the men of Troy. An ancient people who have defeated legends such as Achilles, the Trojans in their current form are but a shadow of their ancestors. Though they possess great heart, their strength is no match for that of the Tigers and they represent the perfect opportunity for the Swamp King to raise morale before the long journey to Florida. For it is in the marshlands of Gainesville where Lord Orgeron's ultimate destiny lies...

Listen to the audio version here.