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2017 ATVS - Geaux Show Pick’em Challenge - Week 2

LSU v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Well, 8-6 isnt the worst way to start a year off. Differing from year’s past, there weren’t a ton of big surprise upsets for the group on the opening weekend. My worst pick of the weekend had to be taking MTSU +4.5 against Vandy. Credit to the Commodores for coming out swinging this season. The biggest upset for our pool came on Monday night, when Tennessee survived GT on the failed double OT 2 point try.

Only one week in the books, so the weekly leaders are also the season leaders. I’m gonna play loose with the amount of players I show each week, so you’ll probably need a top ten finish to get your name posted on this website. Congrats to mateller, who I believe is a new contestant this year, who is this week’s winner. You will be contacted soon regarding your KOOZIE OF POWER.

EDIT: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Forgive my error, but due to a mistake on my part, an incorrect winner was announced. I double checked the tiebreakers for last weeks games and with a 38-13 prediction, Miitopia Master narrowly edged out mateller for the win. Apologies to all involved.

For future record, here is how tiebreakers are determined, in order of priority:

  • Winning Team in Tiebreaker Game
  • Combined Teams Score
  • Winning Team Score
  • Losing Team Score

Pickem Standings - 2017 Week 1

Rank Selection Name W-L Tie Breaker Game 27-0
Rank Selection Name W-L Tie Breaker Game 27-0
1 Miitopia Master 12-2 38-13**
1 mateller 12-2 38-14
3 dr.awesome504 11-3 28-10**
3 Jamballer 11-3 34-10
3 Xraytaz 11-3 35-10
3 revstamant 11-3 38-10
3 hr21 11-3 42-9
3 tigersfan777 11-3 35-17
3 keep a level head 11-3 42-10
3 Kickit2Peterson7 11-3 41-13
11 Steauxner 10-4 35-0**
11 Tike the Miger 10-4 31-7
11 EliPorter 10-4 28-13
11 KSCPaul 10-4 31-10
11 TigerThomp 10-4 34-10
11 SemperHawg 10-4 35-10
11 geauxtigers21 10-4 34-14
11 ShubutaSniper 10-4 42-9
11 DrJBH 10-4 38-14
11 glaucon 10-4 42-10

If you haven’t joined us yet, sign up is simple. Click on THIS LINK and sign up for an account at when prompted, the password is “tigers”. Picks will generally be ready every Monday night, though this week there was obviously a need to wait. DO NOT MAKE PICKS until this post goes up each week.

ON TO WEEK 2! llvll seems like all they have this year is Lamar Jackson and a worse defense, but that should be enough to beat the Fightin’ Ben Mileses. I see no reason why Iowa can’t win El Assico this weekend, so gimme the Cyclones. Is TCU going to be the BXII’s last hope for the playoff? Auburn with a lake over Auburn without a lake. Mizzou had a pointsplosion last weekend, but it wont continue against Sakerlina. I feel silly for picking Ohio St. CLANGA over Tech. UGA silences the echos with a backup QB. It just feels like it’s going to be SoCal’s year. ROW THE BOAT. Utah wins the Holy War. Boise St SHOCKS THE WORLD (not really).

All picks are due Saturday before each kickoff.