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Fourth Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 2

Get your picks in!

Week 1 is come and gone. 45 players and two of you losers actually picked Texas A&M. I choose to believe you were both sweating out the final minutes of Josh Rosen’s glorious arm show and Texas A&M thinking that sitting on a huge lead in the second half is time to work on the passing game. Sorry, ArmyTiger and Bugseye, you are losers of the highest order. Week 1 losers.

This Week’s Games

Fresno State @ #1 Alabama

The Tide strangled the life out of FSU and then injured their starting QB. Bama looks less indestructible and more mortal than they have in recent years. Do they... miss Kiffin?

#23 TCU @ Arkansas

The Hogs weren’t terribly inspiring in Week 1, though Austin Allen may be the league’s best QB. TCU sledgehammered Jackson State. Arkansas won a thriller last year. Hopefully this game is just as fun.

#13 Auburn @ #3 Clemson

Auburn’s single best 2016 performance may have been their valiant loss to the eventual National Champs. Clemson lost their star QB but looked just as dominant in Week 1. This game should give us an idea of how good this Auburn team really is.

South Carolina @ Missouri

South Carolina pulled the upset of the weekend, beating an NC State team many experts tabbed a sleeper. Missouri scored a billion and one points but allowed a billion themselves. This game could somehow be a shootout and the game of the weekend?

#15 Georgia @ #24 Notre Dame

Bad news is the Dogs lost their QB. Good news is they hardly skipped a beat while blasting often challenging Appy State. Notre Dame is all peace love and happiness now, with Brian Kelly implementing 4 to 8 changes to the program. This feels like must see TV between two blue bloods that have only played once in their rich histories, in 1981.

Mississippi State @ Louisiana Tech

Why the fuck are the Bulldogs going to Tech? This seems like an idiotic way to drop a game you shouldn’t right before you hit SEC play. Yeah, that’s definitely gonna happen.