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Tiger Tracklist: Chattanooga

You don’t have to be perfect. Yet.

Saturday will be Coach Ed Orgeron’s first game in Tiger Stadium as head coach of the LSU Tigers. But he’s already 2-0 as head coach and coached nearly a full season as an interim head coach.

Matt Canada has had a game as LSU offensive coordinator and despite showing as little as possible, looked damn impressive.

Dave Dave Aranda and where he goes top ranked defenses follow.

The pieces are there, now all they need to do is fall in place.

There should not be any more rust to knock off or any more jitters to deal with. But if there is, Saturday is the last chance to deal with it. They all were hired because LSU didn’t feel like the program was winning enough in the uber-competitive SEC West which starts play next weekend.

Don’t sell Chattanooga short, the Mocs are a good FCS program, but they’re just that: an FCS program. LSU’s goal is national championships and nothing less.

The season started last week, but next week it really gets moving. This is the last chance to take the ship through her paces before she’s put under fire. Get in, take care of business, get out, and start the long road that is the SEC West.

So now is the time to make mistakes so they can know what to fix. Now is the time to get different looks so they can know what works. Because we’re not far removed from a point where mistakes cannot be afforded. Winter is coming, but before that comes Alabama and Auburn. You have to make it to winter in order to survive it.