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Reports: Dave Aranda Rejects Texas A&M; Staying in Baton Rouge

LSU will hold on to its defensive coordinator.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State Spring Game Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

After a chaotic day that featured multiple reports that Texas A&M had re-upped it’s pursuit of LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, similarly multiple reports are now indicating that the Tigers will be holding on to the defensive coordinator:

Media on the Texas A&M side have also corroborated Delly’s news:

Long story-short, Texas A&M re-iterated a very strong offer for Aranda after LSU’s board game — he’d told them thanks, but no thanks, shortly before the Citrus Bowl. The offer reportedly included freedom to stock his own coaching staff. Numbers aren’t known yet, but I would guess that the country’s highest-paid assistant coach could be making an additional million dollars on top of the $1.8 million LSU paid him last season.

Bruce Feldman added:

As much as anything, the move helps bring a little bit more stability to an LSU coaching staff that still has an offensive coordinator situation in flux. A significant political victory for Ed Orgeron. His top assistant was so in demand A&M wouldn’t take “no” for an answer the first time.

The answer remains No, Aggies.