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LSU Officially “Parts Ways” With Matt Canada, Reportedly Got A Deal Out Of It

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After dealing with the attempted poaching of Dave Aranda, it was only a matter of time before LSU made official that which had been rumored for months. Matt Canada is out as OC of LSU.

From LSU:

“I want to thank Matt for his contribution here at LSU and wish him and his family the best,” said Coach O. “We have mutually agreed to part ways and go in a different direction offensively but are always grateful for the time and effort Matt made here at LSU.”

Coach O said the offense made some improvements this season particularly in turnovers and introducing new schemes and concepts. However, he said the offense did not measure up to the standards he has set for LSU.

“As the head coach, you have to make tough decisions,” said Coach O. “I chose to go in a different direction in order to get where I believe we need to be as a program.”

Canada arrived at LSU as a Broyles Award finalist and highly sought after offensive coordinator with interest from top football programs across the country.

Coach O said he will immediately begin the process to find a new offensive coordinator.

“We will identify a coach with a wealth of experience who is totally committed to the vision of the program and has the drive to do whatever it takes to see it through,” said Coach O.

Coach O said he will look to bring in a coach who will develop an offensive philosophy that builds on the team’s identity in the run game and is adaptable to the talent on the field in the passing game.

“We have a lot of talent coming up on offense,” said Coach O. “We want to put our players in the best possible position to succeed which means improving our vertical passing game and developing our quarterbacks and wide receivers to be at their absolute best.”

Dellenger at the Advocate, who’s been on this from day one, reports that LSU got away with a $1.7 million buyout settlement for the without-cause termination, about half of the $3.3 million his contract guaranteed. Canada certianlly could have held out for all the money he’s owed, but chose not to.

The search for a replacement has likely been underway for some time. Earlier this week, we talked about the likely candidates.