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Playin’ Nice — For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Landon Young of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls briefs us on all things #CLANGA.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

1. Mississippi State came into this season with somewhat unprecedented expectations -- and a 4-2 start isn’t exactly anything to be ashamed of, but it has to seem a little disappointing. What’s the feeling among State fans right now?

Well, we were a little more confident in ourselves until Tennessee went to Auburn and won. There’s definitely a little disappointment in the land, but the confidence is rising slowly but surely.

2. Nick Fitzgerald’s rushing is on pace, but it seems like the passing game has taken a step back. Problem adjusting to Joe Moorhead’s offense?

Nick Fitzgerald isn’t the best fit for the Joe Moorhead passing game because he’s just not a great passer. BUT he is one hell of a runner. If JoMo continues to play to Nick’s strength, which is running upfield, then we may compete in the big-time SEC games.

3. With a win over Auburn followed up by an open date, what’s the confidence level for this team coming in?

It’s high, but like I said probably a little lower after the Tennesse win over Auburn.

4. On defense, the front seven is generating a ton of big plays in terms of sacks and tackles for loss. But the secondary has given up some yardage at times. Is this a vulnerable secondary?

This year has been a little different in the secondary. Although we still haven’t played a great QB, this secondary looks much better this year than in year’s past.

5. What is your best guess for how this game plays out?

I HOPE this a good game. I think LSU is a good bit better than Mississippi State offensively. I want to see this Mississippi State team compete at Tiger Stadium. Sure, they could pull out a win, but it’s going to be difficult.