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Playin’ “Nice” — For Whom The Cowbell Tolls

Landon still hasn’t answered my most urgent question.

1. Does a State fan bring a fancier cowbell on the road to show off?

I’d love to say yes... but they’re not allowed...

2. Does F. Nick Fitzgerald or Nick Scott Fitzgerald sound like a better pen name?

Nick Scott Fitzgerald... but that’s just me.

3. For a Northeasterner, Joe Moorhead seems to have adapted to Starkville remarkably well. Has he already picked out a favorite dip?

Dip as in Tobacco? My guess is Copenhagen Wintergreen. Dip as in appetizer? Spinach and Artichoke dip is everyone’s favorite right?

4. Is Bully making the trip to Baton Rouge, and can I play with him?

I sure hope he does. That’s the greatest dog on this planet. He’s very lovable. You may have to get through security to play with him though.