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Tiger Tracklist: Mississippi State

Right here, right now.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

To celebrate homecoming, this week’s Tracklist is throw-back themed. Enjoy, Gen Xers and other old folk.

You can put your whole army against my team and I guarantee it will be your very last time breathing

Historically speaking, LSU does not lose to Mississippi State. The Tigers lead the all-time series 73-35 and most of State’s wins came in the pre-1958 era. Since I have been alive LSU is 22-2 against the Bulldogs.

State has never been better than they currently are, and last year’s 37-7 drubbing in Starkville was their largest margin of victory in the series. In the modern era, it is their highest peak and LSU’s valley.

So it’s fitting that they are this year’s homecoming opponent. What better way to honor the legacy and tradition of the LSU football program than winning #74?

I’m on a meal ticket mission,

Want a mill so I’m wishin’.

Competition got me ripped on the bullshit they stressing.

Last week, I wrote about the death gauntlet LSU has to run if they want a shot at the playoffs. They cleared the first hurdle, and now two more lie waiting in the wings. The only one to worry about (for now) is S&P+ #15 Mississippi State.

This is everything right with college football. Beat Mississippi State and then we will have two weeks to build toward our event horizon. If you want to have center stage in what might be the biggest game of the college football season, you have to earn it.

You can’t make a trench run to blow up the Death Star without getting past the turrets first.

The Lone Ranger, code red: danger.

Deep in the dark with the art to rip charts apart,

The vandal too hot to handle.

And as we saw last week, it’s not like this is beyond LSU’s capabilities. The Tigers likely won’t hang 40 on them, but if it was easy then it wouldn’t be fun. Much like the Georgia game, it will take 60 minutes of unmatched and relentless effort to win. There is no other way around.

But if there is any LSU team up to the task, it’s this one. Even in the loss to Florida, the Tigers have proven time and time and time and time again they are prepared to go all 12 rounds with anybody. If you want to trade body blows, they will do so with full belief that they will outlast.

That’s the right mentality to have for a team in their situation. Don’t expect to roll your helmets out to win by 40, expect to be the last man standing in a knock-down, drag-out fight and play like it.

And they’ll have 102,000 of the best hype men in their corner. It’s a 6:00 kickoff in Death Valley against a top-15 SEC opponent. The temperatures will be in the low 70’s and the chance of rain, as always, is never.

There is nothing more you could want.

Hold up.

For my people who be thinking we soft,

We don’t play.

We gonna rock it ‘till the wheels fall off.

Hold up, hey.

For my people who be actin’ too bold,

Take a seat.

Hope you’re ready for the next episode.