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James Carville Is Coming In Hot

One of LSU’s more high-profile fans has some thoughts on the Devin White controversy.

Politicon 2018 - Day 2 Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon

One of LSU’s more...high-profile? Infamous? Controversial? fans had some very stern words for the SEC in the wake of the insipid targeting call on Devin White late in the Mississippi State game, and subsequent suspension.

Carville, a lifelong political strategist self-described as “proof you can flunk out of LSU and become a professor at Tulane,” filed a letter to the editor with The Advocate to voice his...displeasure:


If there was any doubt, the SEC crew in zebra stripes made it clear Saturday night. The league is in cahoots with the Crimson Tide. Yes, it appears there is collusion.

LSU athletic director Joe Alleva has contacted the Southeastern Conference office to voice his displeasure with the targeting foul called Satu…

After the botched targeting call on LSU linebacker Devin White, the SEC is presented with a rare moment to atone for past sins and put to rest its prior affairs. It has an opportunity to take a stand for fairness and democracy.

These moments in history are fleeting.

I have to think back to June 12, 1987, when President Ronald Reagan stood in West Berlin and declared “tear down this wall” to find a similar moment in time of our history. (OK, I realize that LSU football is not as important as people living under tyranny — but it’s close.)

Rip up this suspension. It was a botched call, a botched review and could forever cement the SEC’s love affair with Alabama.

James Carville’s letter to the editor is an insult to the LSU football team and to LSU fans everywhere.

Commissioner Greg Sankey — I repeat, rip up this suspension. Don’t taint SEC football history with this skid mark of a decision.

We don’t need a recount. We don’t need an appeal. We need a old-fashioned showdown on Nov. 3 in Tiger Stadium between two of the country’s top teams.

In the name of all that is right, holy and just in this world, I beg SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey— tear this abomination of a decision down now.

Forever LSU.

Carville has always known how to turn a phrase, and isn’t one to mince words.

Collusion is a bridge too far for me, mostly because I don’t believe the parties involved are smart enough to hide a conspiracy that significant, but the fact remains that the SEC botched a ruling and doesn’t seem to interested in fixing the situation. Which calls the legitimacy of its decision-making processes into question.