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Recruiting: What’s Next For John Emery?

With his de-commitment from Georgia, things are back open

Georgia v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The bye week in preparation for Alabama is normally an uneventful week for fans. However, after LSU fans united together to put up billboards in support of Devin White and his horrible targeting call, the recruiting world was graced with news as well with the sudden de-commitment of five-star running back John Emery from the Georgia Bulldogs. Whether it’s the hot, and surprising 7-1 start to the season, the work of running backs coach Tommie Robinson or director of player development Kevin Faulk, the likely combination of all three has obviously spoken volumes to Emery.

Where Are We Headed Now?

With Tyrion Davis committed to LSU since June of last year, the story always read, “Who would be joining him in this class?” LSU had the benefit of one of the best running backs in their backyard in Emery Jr. and a top-10 running back who once called Louisiana home in Noah Cain. While there were other lesser-ranked backs that have come up in recruiting talks, like Peter Parrish’s teammate A’Montae Spivey, it was the given perception it was either Emery Jr. or Cain (and that outside pipe dream of both).

As the months went on, it appeared as if Emery Jr. was set on leaving the state for college, putting the focus on battling teams across the country for Cain. A commitment to Georgia almost all but sealed the deal for most fans that it had become Cain or bust. We soon learned though the only sure things in life are death and taxes, as here we are today with Emery Jr. without a commitment.

This is nothing but good news for the Tigers. There is no other reason you would leave a team like Georgia unless that inkling to stay home grew fonder. I wouldn’t be shocked if an LSU commitment came in the next few weeks. In regards to Cain, that picture would get very cloudy following an Emery commitment. While the staff will still pursue Cain, I can’t see three top-10 running backs in this class, especially when the Tigers are in it for two top-15 backs for 2020 in Zachary Evans and Ashaad Clayton. Texas has made headway with Cain and I think the Longhorns would benefit from Emery Jr. committing here.

There could also be another reason why he would want to come here: You get the benefit of running behind a guy that was lifting 250 pounds before he was a teen (while I can’t bench that now):