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Saturday Wishlist: Gameday Guest Pickers

Who should help the Gameday guys get some extra zing in their zang zang?

If you haven’t heard, ESPN College Gameday will be back on campus this Saturday for Bamageddon 2018:

The setup will be in the quad again this year, with the LSU Salutes celebration taking up the Parade Grounds. That’s great from a tailgating perspective, but in terms of the show itself, we all know that as great as the regular crew are, the guest picker tends to make or break the episode. In that spirit, call this a wish list of some exciting potential guest pickers.

Alumni are always preferred, but ties to the school are at least something — please avoid the fair-weather bro-country carpetbagger ESPN, we’re begging you. Some of these aren’t too likely; the schedule of the celebrity in question is the ultimate arbiter of their availability.

So let’s look at some options:

John Goodman

The dream lives.

This is a drum I’ve been beating for some time now. The spirit animal of our site, still a Louisiana resident and always connected to LSU from Everybody’s All-American, Goodman would be a natural on the set with Lee Corso. I’ve been told in the past that ESPN has reached out, but the schedules have never worked out. I’m guessing Goodman is still quite busy shooting The Conners currently.

Dennis Quaid

Look, if we can’t have Ed “Bull” Lawrence, Gavin “Grey Ghost” Grey is a pretty good choice. And everybody likes Dennis Quaid. He’s highly likable.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Yes, the future ruler of Earth has no connection to LSU, but he is a former Coach O protege from his Miami days, and even credited some of his WWE catch-phrases from Orgeron’s energy at practice and in games.

And there’s nobody that can get a crowd juiced up like The Great One.

Although he’s almost certainly shooting a movie somewhere in the world.


Honestly it’s kind of amazing this one has never happened either. But again, probably a scheduling conflict.

James Carville

Doubtful that ESPN would cross the political lines for Gameday, and not for somebody as outspoken as Carville. But it would be fun as hell to hear him rant and rave about the SEC office for 15 minutes or so.

Ellen DeGeneres

No connection to LSU, but Ellen has always been a proud Louisianan, and would certainly have a ball with the Gameday setup. Although she doesn’t strike me as much of a college football fan, and the segment always works best with fans of the show.

Anthony Mackie

Another Louisiana native, Mackie has done quite well for himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there’s an obvious Disney tie-in there. He’s certainly a dedicated Saints fan. Not sure how that applies to LSU, but Mackie is a charming guy, I have no doubt he’d handle the part.

Trombone Shorty

Again, if we’re doing music personality with local ties, no bro-country. I’m begging you.

Booger McFarland

Now here’s a natural fit. Booger has been magic on the camera for Monday Night Football — much better than Jason Witten — and he’s a former player and a star at that. Although his work in-studio for ABC may make this one impossible from a scheduling perspective.

Alex Bregman

He’s easily the most well-known former Tiger in the majors right now. He’s coming off an MVP-caliber season for the Astros, and he’d definitely bring his game face for the match-up.

Odell Beckham Jr.

He’s kind of become the John Cena of the NFL. He’s undoubtedly one of the league’s best players and a charismatic presence in the media, both for the positive and negative. ODB definitely has the personality for the role, and the love for LSU. And his Giants also have the week off. Don’t be surprised if he, or one of these other former Tigers, end up being the choice.

Leonard Fournette

Likewise, off for the week and badly in need some R&R after an injury plagued start to his sophomore season in the pros.

Patrick Peterson

Kneel before Zod.

We likely won’t find out until Saturday morning, but hopefully, ESPN is able to break out of the usual Robertsons mode they find themselves in and get somebody a little more fun.