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Things That Cost More Than Kirby Smart’s Haircut

This man makes approximately a million times more than he spends on that thing on his head.

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Smart has had a fabulously successful tenure at the University of Georgia. He won the SEC title and played for the national title in his second season. He dethroned Alabama as the No. 1 recruiter on national signing day. And he was handsomely rewarded with a seven-year, $49 million contract.

But he can’t seem to bother spending more than $5 on his haircut.

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, if this is costing him more than $5, tip included, there’s a robbery taking place in Athens, Ga. once a month or so. I assume there’s a bowl involved in some form or fashion.

Maybe its his mother, or his wife, but I assume both women love him, and I’d rather not impugn that.

Although it’s worth pointing out that my wife would never allow me to cut my hair like this, because, in her words, “how you look reflects on me.”

Maybe Kirby doesn’t want us to think well of Mrs. Smart.

Money is certainly no object here. Kirby could easily spend some money and treat himself. Among the items that he likely does treat himself too on a somewhat regular basis, the following cost more than what Kirby Smart spends on his haircut: