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Eating With Ed - Week 7, Georgia

LSU’s 29-17 loss against Florida was a heartbreaking one that’s left the entire team in low spirits, even up to Monday.

But head coach Ed Orgeron and the Tigers have applied their “24-hour rule” and have moved on from it. And they’d appreciate it if you did too.

“We look at it one game at a time. We don’t talk like that.... This is a very hectic schedule as we all know and it passes by so fast,” he said. “If you look back in August it’s like the blink of an eye that we’re already on our seventh game and we’re playing Georgia. And we’re 5-1. We’re proud of that.”

Something that did leave us baffled in the Florida contest, though, was the change in Jonathan Giles’ jersey number.

“I went to him, asked him if it was too much pressure. He said no. I said, well how about you change it up. What’s your favorite number? I said I got these numbers available. He said, coach, I’ll wear 12. I was thinking it took the pressure off him.”

One of the biggest threats LSU will face this Saturday in Georgia quarterback, Jake Fromm. Orgeron knows the signal-caller can do it all.

“Smart, can throw the deep ball, play action pass, he’s protected well, he is surrounded by great athletes, he can move in the pocket, bootlegs, nakeds, waggles, all that stuff. Can run if he has to.”

If Fromm runs into trouble, the Bulldogs have another option to reload with at the position.

“And then if they want to go dual threat quarterback they will bring in Justin Fields, so they have got it all.”

Georgia may be No. 2 in the nation according to both polls, but they’ve got a key weakness. It lies in the lack of pass rush. The also rank last in the SEC in sacks.

“I think that it’s more of the way they’re affecting the quarterback. I know they lost a couple of guys to first round draft choices, they don’t have that speed off the edge. But they’re still dangerous, they’re physical, they’re one of the best defenses in the country. I think their philosophy is more or less affecting the quarterback, pass rush lanes, make you get rid of the ball quick.”

On the injury front, Orgeron confirmed the team will be without offensive lineman Garrett Brumfield again this week. We should see Jacob Phillips back in the starting lineup, though.

“We think he’s going to practice today, be able to play,” Orgeron said. “He wasn’t able to play and I talked to him before the game, he tried but he wasn’t able to play.”

LSU will take on Georgia on Saturday in Tiger Stadium at 2:30 p.m. CT.


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