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Playing “Nice” — Good Bull Hunting

GBH’s Lucas Jackson talks money pits, Aggie football and redundancy.

1. So how’s Jimbo spendin’ all that money? He got hisself one of them fancy above-ground pools at the house?

He’s probably building his own lazy river. Above ground pools don’t really exist anymore except in Ouachita Parish and Eunice. That said, it’s more likely is that he’s using the money to grow his foundation, Kidz1stFund, Jimbo’s son Ethan has a rare blood disease called Fanconi anemia, and Jimbo and Ethan’s mother have raised over $4.5 million towards finding a cure. All joke aside, this is a great cause. See for more details.

2. Obviously, the Aggies are committed to spending money, but what has Jimbo’s addition done to the university’s stenographer budget?

Listen man you just gotta come in there and play strong every day you gotta get that mentality its doing it the right way until you can’t do it wrong you know what i mean? Winningwithoutgettingbetter can be bejustas bad sloshing sometimes if you don’t do things champions do I mean we’re getting these guys to understand that and play winning championship football it aint gonna happen overnight but its gonna happen were gonna get there

3. At a million bucks per win this year, will Jimbo need a raise if things are going to continue to improve?

Who cares? A&M can literally buy and sell LSU ten times over (LSU endowment = $845 million - A&M Endowment 9.8 BILLION). Does it look like we need the money?

4. More reliable in recent years? Aggie punters, or Aggie twitter amplifying jokes about Texas?

Gotta go with the punters. And I’m not gonna stop hating Texas or cheering every time they lose or do something stupid. The difference between me and some A&M fans is that I want to play them. I want to beat them…IN EVERYTHING. Because college football should be less about narratives and more about tangible victories and causing your rivals real pain.

5. I just have to say that it feels like we’re making real progress in this relationship. We got away from the gross Thanksgiving night thing, but...can’t y’all please stop asking us to wear burnt orange this year?

I’d never ask anyone to wear that color. We’ve certainly embraced the game more than LSU has, but LSU should understand how that feels. I mean LSU hates Alabama but the Tide doesn’t really care about that rivalry either.