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Tiger Tracklist: Texas A&M

You want to hear a good joke?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

They say we ain’t bout it, wonder why they never tried us.

We flexing on them bitches and be cutting on the robbers.

You’d almost never know that LSU has a chance to eclipse 10 wins against the hardest schedule in the country.

The offense has seemingly regressed since they failed to show up completely against Alabama and once again is a national punchline. Sure they hammered Rice, but Nicholls could drop 40 on the Owls. LSU fans have started to openly eye the coaching carousel, and the Orgeron detractors are back out despite two straight wins.

That’s a lot to say about a team on track for a New Year’s Six bowl and picking up a hot hand on the recruiting front. What this team needs isn’t a win, but a pelt on the wall. Something to send a reminder across college football of who LSU is and where their proper place is.

They need a primetime beat down of a big name.

Oh hey there, Texas A&M

My soldiers is ready to put a black hearse on ‘em.

Bring em to a wake, recommend a requiem.

Then throw em in a pit then throw a little bit of dirt on em.

I was two years old the last time Texas A&M beat LSU. I now hold a degree from one of those establishments. Biggie Smalls and Tupac were still alive and Mortal Kombat was the #1 movie. It helps there was a 15 year gap, but that fun little stat won’t be possible without beating A&M in seven straight contests.

A&M spent a lot of money to bring in Jimbo, and in year one it’s been a success. The Aggies look better, but they’re still a ways away. They need a signature win, and ending the streak against LSU in Jimbo’s first year would be a hell of a way to accomplish that. In that regard, both sides are looking for the same thing.

That’s not going to happen. Let’s re-introduce Jimbo to LSU and set the record straight on the way things are in the SEC.

I hear em talking reckless, I won’t even stress it.

Just kill ‘em softly with my presence, I won’t even address it.

They say it’s lonely at the top but this the best shit ever.

Don’t you see me out here shining?

Bitch I’m barely flexing.